Meigi Corporation in Aichi (center of Gifu, Mie, Nagano, Shizuoka) who are professional in cutting, processing and selling metal/special steel.



Equipments Information




High-speed cutting is a reality with pulse cutting.Shorter delivery times are now possible even when cutting thick objects or objects with large diameters.

Processing Capacity
H530mm × W530mm
Automatic Lathe
H 1300 One(H1300×W1300)
PCSAW 720 One(H715×W815)
PCSAW-530AXRT One(H530 x W530)
HFA 530 CNC One (H530 x W530)
HFA 530 One (H530 x W530)
ASPC430 One (~Φ330)
HKP 700 One (H400 x W700)
HFA 300 One (H300 x W300)
VM 1200 Three (H500 x W500 x L1200)
VM 420 Two (H150 x W400 x L400)
VM 420 改 One(H150×W600×L600)
CM 75 CNC Two (up to Φ75) Carbide Circular Saw Lathes
HFA 400 One
HFA 500 One
GA 1110

Daito Seiki

GA 1110

These original methods are for putting our company’s unique qualities to use the best we can.We demonstrate that ability when cutting thick materials.

Processing Capacity
H1100mm × W1000mm
Automatic Lathe
VA I 6030 One (H660 x W3000 x L6100)
VA II 6030 One (H660 x W3000 x L6100)
GA 1110 One (H1100 x W1000)
SGA 8010CNC One (H810 x W1000)
NA 6670 One (H660 x W700)
GA 660(New) One (H600 x W700)
GA 660 One (H600 x W660)
GAⅢ 410 Two (H410 x W410)
UGA 330 One (H510 x W510)
General-Purpose Lathe
S 1013 One (H1000 x W1300)
S 1012 One (H1000 x W1200)
S 5570 One (H550 x W700)
  • 大東精機VAII6030

Daito Seiki

VA II 6030

This machine cuts out flat steel from standard length thick steel sheets (flat plates).The machine has extremely high cutting precision because it cuts with short blade lengths.It can also operate automatically throughout the night.

Processing Capacity
H660mm × W3000mm × L6100mm

Other Trucks/Cranes

Floor-Operated Cranes

Head Office Factory

20t2 machines

5t6 machines

2.8t2 machines

Second Factory

2.8t3 machines

  • トラック・クレーン他


12t vehicles one
10t vehicles one
4t vehicles Ten
3t vehicles one
2t vehicles one
  • フォークリフト


2t Two
Sliding Arm Racks
5 machines
Magnets for
6t 3 units
3t 8 units

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